Foot Reflexology    (30 mins) RM140 | (60 mins) RM213
Think about how much stress your feet go through each day. No body part is more abused than your feet. Standing, running, jumping – our feet do it all! Reflexologists believe that overall health begins in your feet and travels up. The benefits of foot massage are endless. Cure colds/minor ailments, prevent/cure diseases, increase energy, relieve stress, pain, and anxiety, improve blood and lymph circulation, headaches and skin allergies.

Tanjung Boreh     (60 mins) RM148
A village remedy originated by Balinese rice farmers Boreh is made from a combination of roots, herbs and spices. The sensation is of deep penetrating heat that melts away your tension. Boreh helps to warm the body, increases blood circulation, relieves aching joints, sore muscles and headaches and is fever-reducing.

Body Wrap    (60 mins) RM148
Body masks are designed to improve the texture and appearance of the skin by helping to get rid the excess fluids and toxins from your body. The benefits of body may include body contouring, detoxification, boosting of the lymphatic system and metabolism, temporary inch loss, skin tightening and skin softening.

Body Scrub    (45 mins) RM285
Put simply, a body scrub is a skin care product whose primary function is to remove dead skin cells through exfoliation as well as cleanse the skin and increase the body's blood circulation. Sometimes a body scrub is referred to as a body exfoliant, body gloss or body polish. The benefits of body scrub: makes skin look fresh, rejuvenated and more youthful, it moisturizes your skin, improve cellulite and aging, increasing flow and relaxation.

Relaxing Aroma Facial    (60 mins) RM285
A special type of facial massage called manual lymphatic drainage (MLD) is done to drain the lymphatic vessels. Lymphatic drainage gives the skin a radiant appearance because all the toxins that were accumulated in the lymph removed. Gentle pressure is applied along the lymphatic vessels to stimulate the contraction, the movement of muscle due to the massage helps propel the lymph forward. This type of massage can also help resolve small amount of inflammation present on body.

Nail Treatments    (30 mins)
Express Manicure

Express Pedicure

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