Tanjung Spice (90mins) RM378 nett
Heal and strengthen both your body and mind with an ancient ear candle treatment, designed to balance airstreams in the head and regulate metabolism in the body. Medium to strong massages will be applied to sooth your body to balance your mind and body. The final result is to rejuvenate you with vitality…

Tanjung Fusion (75mins) RM388 nett
This treatment comes with ear candle and facial treatments. Ear candling can be a relaxing treatment not only for the ear, but also for the face. Therapist will provide a pleasing facial massage that can help relax the facial muscles as well as act as a mini face-lift.

Tanjung Swedish Treatment (60mins) RM338 nett | (90mins) RM398 nett
Experience an enjoyable session of aromatherapy massage which uses oils extracted from aromatic plants to enhance health and beauty. Apart from the physical benefits, essential oils can have subtle effect on the mind and emotions.

Therapeutic Massage (60mins) RM228 nett | (90mins) RM338 nett | (120mins) RM448 nett
This is excellent for releasing the nagging stress and strain. Our treatment concentrates on a particular part of the spine, knees, shoulders or any other parts of your body using palm strokes and thumb pressure to free you from stress and unclog the nerves. It is highly recommended that a subsequent treatment be done, depending on the severity of the pain.

Shiatsu (Non-Oil Massage) (60mins) RM228 nett
It means finger pressure, known for relieving stress and calming of nerves. Using the thumbs and the palms, gentle pressure is applied and sustained in the pressure points allowing the muscles to relax. It is holistic in nature as it is designed to boost stamina, digestion and concentration.

Tanjung Pregnancy (60mins) RM338 nett | (90mins) RM448 nett
A massage when you're pregnant can be a wonderful way to ease an aching back, stiff shoulders and sore hips. It can also pep up your mood and get those feel-good, pain-relieving endorphins flowing around your body, leaving you relaxed and refreshed.

Therapeutic Foot Reflexology (50mins) RM158 nett
Foot reflexology works by applying focused pressure on each particular “reflex” point on the feet. The pressure applied will then correspond to various organs in the body. After each treatment, one will benefit from an improvement in blood circulation, detoxification of the body and rejuvenation of tired muscle.

All prices inclusive of 10% Service Charge